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our services

In Balance can help you every step of the way, no matter how small or large
your needs. We can help your business with:

Product Selection:

With so many business products on the market today, deciding which items you will need to solve your business problems, can be a confusing, unpleasant chore. In Balance has researched and tested many products for our clients and potential clients. We have done the ‘dirty work’ already and you can benefit from our knowledge. Our expertise involves both business software and hardware and is geared to suggesting products that are a good fit for you. We like to recommend and sell only what is needed.

Some of the steps in product selection are :

  • Comprehensive needs analysis
  • In house product search based on needs
  • Demonstrations of suitable products
  • Refinements based on demonstrations
  • Recommendations and quotes

Project Management:

Once products have been decided upon, they must be installed and utilized. In Balance has implemented products for hundreds of clients–we understand the ups and downs of implementing new products in your business environment. Enthusiasm usually starts out high, but as the workload grows due to learning curve, parallel processing, etc., this enthusiasm lessens. Enthusiasm soars again toward the end of the implementation. Most new implementations founder during the ‘low enthusiasm’ phase.

Some of the steps in product selection are :

  • Understanding this pitfall
  • Working you through it by using a combination of compassion, training and hard love
  • Take away the pain of installing new software or hardware by utilizing our trained consultants for these tasks
  • Having a spelled out project plan. This can be simple or complex depending on the implementation/product
  • Having trained project managers to oversee progress and make corrections as problems come up


During the implementation phase or just to update new staff, training is always important. Without trained staff, any software or hardware will not be utilized optimally. In Balance staff are all fully conversant with the products we sell–and even many we don’t. We can help staff learn on many levels, whether it is a simple ‘ctrl-c’ to copy to the clipboard or the inter-relationships of all the different modules in a software suite.

Our expert consultants help you with:

  • Individual training
  • Group training
  • Tips and tricks not found in manuals
  • Accounting business logic and recommendations


All business’s are different. What works for one, does not work for another. This means that any ‘out of the box’ software that a business purchases, probably will need some sort of customization. All software that we offer is fully customizable. Our consultants are fully trained and Microsoft certified to do any customizations that are necessary.

Our expert consultants help you with:

  • VBA development from within the software
  • Modifications to forms and reports in the software
  • VB and VB.Net software construction
  • Database construction with a tie in to a VB front end
  • Microsoft SQL database design
  • Crystal report creation
  • Financial reporting creation

Microsoft Dynamics has a wide variety of products aimed toward the business client. In Balance is proud to be a ‘value added reseller’ (VAR) of these products. Please contact us for a full list of products and sloutions.